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The Ambush Jacket

Price: $135.00
Manufacturer: Bullet 50

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    The ambush concealment jacket built for operators. The jacket was designed by active law enforcement officers (joseph salazar and michael wratten).who have worked and still work daily in several under cover operations and the streets themselves. The jacket has been designed to fulfill the needs that undercover/off duty officers/operators and ccw permit carriers face daily in concealing handguns with the practicality to be able to deploy their weapon quickly and efficiently. The jacket along with all it’s features still allows you to appear as wearing a normal jacket with style and design for the streets and blend in.

    • Shell made out of durable weather/water resistant nylon
    • Medium weight jacket
    •  Interior of jacket fully lined for comfort
    •  100% made in the U.S.A.
    •  All zippers ykk
    •  2 large ambidextrous interior concealment pockets to accommodates and conceals medium to full size handguns and other gear
    •  Interior concealment pockets each have large zippers to secure your handgun and gear and yet gives you easy access for your handgun.
    •  Front of jacket has 2 large easy access dump pockets with flaps for extra ammunition/radios and gear
    •  Hand pockets are located behind the dump pockets
    •  Large integrated search warrant/document pocket is located on the interior rear of the jacket
    •  Stealth patches integrated under arm pit areas
    •  2 fighting straps (interior rear) for safety/security during a fight incident
    •  Adjustable wrist snaps for comfort
    •  Heavy duty bar tacking throughout jacket
    •  Velcro type strips at dump pocket to accommodate hook and loop name/identifier tabs
    •  7 pockets total
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