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Six Shooter Carpenter Short

Price: $40.00
Manufacturer: Bullet 50

Product Options

  • Available in covert khaki and navy blue poly cotton. Design features like our four five carpenter pant, in a loose fit carry conceal short. 
  • Ambidextrous pistol pocket and center of back pistol pocket, which conceals weapon in waistband.
  • Ambidextrous single magazine pouches, concealed in front pant pocket for quick magazine changes and concealment (designed to carry double stacked 9mm, 40cal and .45 cal magazines).
  • Hammer loop designed to carry large sl20 type flash lights. 
  • Utility pocket for collapsible baton or tactical flash light.
  • Rear concealment pocket for handcuff concealment and storage. 
  • Belt loop separation design to accommodate pancake or belt slide holsters.
  • Ambush Jacket will make a great light weight duty jacket for Police Departments across the Nation.
  • Top quality U.S.A. made construction. 
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