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Bullet 50 was created for officers who normally carry handgun and other law enforcement gear in their regular attire. Standard jeans and apparel wear worn by most officers working in such units as gang, narcotics, special enforcement details, tactical training and off duty are not built for law enforcement needs. This usually means large holsters, fanny packs, or exposed gear hanging from pockets, which sends obvious signals. The only other alternative was mountaineering inspired clothing that poorly met their concealment needs. For the hard working street cop and federal agent the only mountains we climb are measured in kilograms. 
Check out our products and see what makes our concealed carry apparel and clothing the best in the business.


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S.T.R.I.K.E. Double G36/Triple M16 pouch w/Speed clips
Price: $49.99
S.T.R.I.K.E. Double G36/Triple M16 pouch w/Speed clips
Avalible in Black only
37" Rifle Case
Price: $100.99
37" Rifle Case
Packs---Phoenix Pack
Price: $205.99
Packs---Phoenix Pack
Phoenix Pack Avaliable in Black
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